Nové skladby Susperia, Hawthorne Heights a Will Haven

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - Pink Hearts (Bad Frequencies, 27/04/18, Pure Noise Records)

WILL HAVEN - Winds Of Change (Muerte, 23/03/18, Head Records)

SUSPERIA - Heretic (The Lyricist, 16/03/18, Agonia Records)

01. I Entered
02. Heretic
03. The Lyricist
04. My Darkest Moment
05. Day I Died
06. Void
07. Feed The Fire
08. Whore Of Man
09. Come Alive

Terje "Cyrus" Andersen – guitar (1998–present)
Christian "Elvorn" Hagen – guitar (1999–present)
Håkon "Memnock" Didriksen – bass (1999–present)
Ian Kenneth "Tjodalv" Åkesson – drums (1998–present)
Bernt "Dagon" Fjellstad – vocals (2015–present)

Vydavatel: Agonia Records