Nové skladby The Sword, Auri a Breaking Benjamin

THE SWORD - Twilight Sunrise (Used Future, 23/03/18)

AURI - The Space Between (lyric video) (AURI, 23/03/18, Nuclear Blast)

BREAKING BENJAMIN - Blood (Ember, 13/04/18, Hollywood Records)

01. Lyra
02. Feed The Wolf
03. Red Cold River
04. Tourniquet
05. Psycho
06. The Dark Of You
07. Down
08. Torn In Two
09. Blood
10. Save Yourself
11. Close Your Eyes
12. Vega

Benjamin Burnley – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1999–present)
Jasen Rauch – lead guitar, strings, programming (2014–present)
Keith Wallen – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2014–present)
Aaron Bruch – bass, backing vocals (2014–present)
Shaun Foist – drums, percussion, programming (2014–present)

Vydavatel: Hollywood Records