Nové skladby Varathron, Amberian Dawn, Puscifer a Killing Joke

VARATHRON - Sinister Recollections (The Confessional Of The Black Penitents (EP), 23/10, Agonia Records)

AMBERIAN DAWN - The Court Of Mirror Hall (lyric video) (Innuendo, 23/10, Napalm)

PUSCIFER - Money Shot (Money Shot, 30/10, Puscifer Entertainment)

KILLING JOKE - I Am the Virus (Pylon, 23/10, Spinefarm Records)

Jaz Coleman – lead vocals, keyboards (1978–1996, 2002–present)
Kevin "Geordie" Walker – guitars (1978–1996, 2002–present)
Martin "Youth" Glover – bass guitar (1978–1982, 1994–1996, 2002–2003, 2008–present)
Paul Ferguson – drums, vocals (1978–1987, 2008–present)
Reza Uhdin – keyboards (2005–present)

Vydavatel: Spinefarm Records