Nové skladby We Are Sentinels, The Agony Scene a video No Return

THE AGONY SCENE - The Submissive (lyric video) (Tormentor, 20/07/18, Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl)

NO RETURN - Despise Your Heroes (video) (The Curse Within, 11/17, Mighty Music)

WE ARE SENTINELS - Battle In Winter (lyric video) (We Are Sentinels, 06/07/18, SAOL)

01. From My Tower
02. My Only Sin
03. Life, Death, Rebirth
04. Kingdom In Winter
05. Dreaming In Winter
06. Battle In Winter
07. In Memoriam
08. Sirens of Odysseus
09. Miracle
10. Soul On Fire
11. Holy Diver

Matt Barlow: Vocals, Lyrics, Choirs
Jonah Weingarten: Keyboards, Piano, Percussion, Orchestration

Vydavatel: SAOL/H'art