Nové skladby Whitechapel, Sodom a Hollywood Undead

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - Another Level (Psalms (EP), 02/11/18)

SODOM - One Step Over The Line (live video) (Partisan (EP), 23/11/18)

WHITECHAPEL - Brimstone (The Valley, 29/03/18, Metal Blade Records)

01. When A Demon Defiles A Witch
02. Forgiveness Is Weakness
03. Brimstone
04. Hickory Creek
05. Black Bear
06. We Are One
07. The Other Side
08. Third Depth
09. Lovelace
10. Doom Woods

Phil Bozeman – vocals (2006–present)
Ben Savage – lead guitar (2006–present)
Alex Wade – rhythm guitar (2006–present)
Gabe Crisp – bass guitar (2006–present)
Zach Householder – rhythm and lead guitar (2007–present)
Ben Harclerode – drums (2011–present)

Vydavatel: Metal Blade Records