Nové skladby Witherfall, Sorcerer a cover od In Flames

Down, Wicked & No Good je název EP, kde se sešli In Flames, Alice In Chains a Nine Inch Nails, aby si udělali radost předělávkami Depeche Mode. IN FLAMES si vybrali skladbu It's No Good.

WITHERFALL - The Great Awakening (lyric video) (Nocturnes And Requiems, 06/10/17)

SORCERER - Unbearable Sorrow (lyric video) (The Crowning Of The Fire King, 20/10/17, Metal Blade Records)

01. Sirens
02. Ship Of Doom
03. Abandoned By The Gods
04. The Devils Incubus
05. Nattvaka
06. Crimson Cross
07. The Crowning Of The Fire King
08. Unbearable Sorrow

Anders Engberg - vocals
Kristian Niemann - guitars
Peter Hallgren - guitars
Johnny Hagel - bass
Richard Evensand - drums
Lars Sköld - drums

Vydavatel: Metal Blade Records