Nové skladby streamují Bjørn Riis, Dragonforce a Labyrinth

BJØRN RIIS (Airbag) - Forever Comes To An End (Forever Comes to an End, 19/05/17, Karisma Records)

DRAGONFORCE - Curse Of Darkness (Reaching Into Infinity, 19/05/17, earMUSIC)

LABYRINTH - Take On My Legacy (Architecture Of A God, 21/04/17, Frontiers Music Srl)

01. Bullets
02. Still Alive
03. Take On My Legacy
04. A New Dream
05. Someone Says
06. Random Logic
07. Architecture Of A God
08. Children
09. Those Days
10. We Belong To Yesterday
11. Stardust And Ashes
12. Diamond

Roberto Tiranti - lead vocals
Olaf Thorsen - lead guitars
Andrea Cantarelli - lead guitars
Nik Mazzucconi - bass guitar
Oleg Smirnoff - keyboards
John Macaluso - drums

Vydavatel: Frontiers Records