Rychle a zběsile - Nordic Union, The Three Tremors, Sinbreed a Starkill

NORDIC UNION - Walk Me Through The Fire (Second Coming, 09/11/18, Frontiers Music Srl)

THE THREE TREMORS byl původně projekt, kterého se měli účastnit Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate a Rob Halford (v roce 2000). V současnosti jej ale tvoří Tim "The Ripper" Owens, Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (Jag Panzer) a Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck (Cage, Death Dealer, Denner/Shermann). Jak jim to spolu šlape můžete vyslechnout ve skladbě Invaders From The Sky, debut bude letos a When The Last Scream Fades (lyric video).

STARKILL - Until We Fall (video), režie: Davide Cilloni (Epica)

SINBREED - Pale-Hearted (lyric video) (IV, 23/11/18, Massacre Records)

01. First Under The Sun
02. Falling Down
03. Wasted Trust
04. Into The Arena
05. Pale-Hearted
06. Final Call
07. The Purge
08. Pride Strikes
09. At Least I Am
10. Through The Fire

Nick Holleman - vocals (2018–present)
Flo Laurin - guitar, keyboards (2005–present)
Alexander Schulz - bass (2005–present)
Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian) - drums (2005–present)
Manuel Seoane - guitar (2018-present)

Vydavatel: AFM Records, Massacre Records