Skladba Akercocke, videa Thy Art Is Murder a The Fat Dukes Of Fuck

THE FAT DUKES OF FUCK - Kodiak Arrest a Promise Keepers (video) (A Compendium Of Desperation, Morality And Dick Jokes, 25/08/17)

THY ART IS MURDER - Slaves Beyond Death (video) (Dear Desolation, 18/08/17, Nuclear Blast Entertainment)

AKERCOCKE - Disappear (Renaissance In Extremis, 25/08/17, Peaceville Records)

01. Disappear
02. Unbound By Sin
03. Insentience
04. First To Leave The Funeral
05. Familiar Ghosts
06. A Final Glance Back Before Departing
07. One Chapter Closing For Another To Begin
08. Inner Sanctum
09. A Particularly Cold Sept

Jason Mendonça – guitar, vocals (1997-2012, 2016-present)
Paul Scanlan – guitar (1997-2003, 2016-present)
David Gray – drums (1997-2012, 2016-present)
Nathanael Underwood – bass (2016-present)

Vydavatel: Peaceville Records