Soundtrack k filmu The Orphan Killer svou hudbou podpořili i This Or The Apocalypse, Born Of Osiris a First Blood

01. FIRST BLOOD - "First Blood" (Bullet Tooth)
02. AFFIANCE - "Nostra Culpa" (Bullet Tooth)
03. ASKING ALEXANDRIA - "Someone, Somewhere" (Sumerian)
04. DECEPTION OF A GHOST - "These Voices" (Bullet Tooth)
05. ANEW REVOLUTION - "Head Against The Wall" (E1 Entertainment)
06. THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE - "Charmer" (Good Fight Music)
07. MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD - "A Danger To Myself And Others" (Bullet Tooth)
08. A BULLET FOR A PRETTY BOY - "The Deceiver" (Artery Recordings)
09. DAWN OF ASHES - "Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon" (Metal Blade)
10. FIRST BLOOD - "Conflict" (Bullet Tooth)
11. BORN OF OSIRIS - "Follow The Signs" (Sumerian)
12. NO BRAGGING RIGHTS - "Death Of An Era" (BlkHrt Group)
13. FIRST BLOOD - "Execution" (Bullet Tooth)