Videa Breaking Benjamin a Hollywood Undead, skladba The Atlas Moth

BREAKING BENJAMIN - Red Cold River (video) (Ember, 26/01/18)

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - Your Life (video) (Five, 27/10/17, Dove & Grenade Media/BMG), režie: Brian Cox

THE ATLAS MOTH - Galactic Brain (Coma Noir, 09/02/18, Prosthetic Records)

01. Coma Noir
02. Last Transmission From The Late, Great Planet Earth
03. Galactic Brain
04. The Streets of Bombay
05. Actual Human Blood
06. Smiling Knife
07. Furious Gold
08. The Frozen Crown
09. Chloroform

Alex Klein - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Mike Miczek - Drums (Broken Hope, Eat Their Own, Jungle Rot (live), Earthburner)
Andrew Ragin - Guitars, Synths, Vocals (backing) (Eat Their Own)
Stavros Giannopoulos - Guitars, Vocals (Chrome Waves, ex-Twilight, ex-Wrekmeister Harmonies (live), ex-Altar of Plagues (live))
David Kush - Guitars, Vocals
Dan Lasek - Drums (2013-present)

Vydavatel: Prosthetic Records