Video The Great Discord, skladby Seether a Eighteen Visions

THE GREAT DISCORD - Darkest Day (video) (The Rabbit Hole, 08/09/17, The Sign Records)

SEETHER - Count Me Out (Poison The Parish, 12/05/17, Canine Riot Records)

EIGHTEEN VISIONS - Crucified (XVIII, 02/06/17, Rise Records)

01. Crucified
02. The Disease, The Decline, The Wasted Time
03. Underneath My Gun
04. Live Again
05. Laid To Waste In The Shit Of Man
06. Oath
07. Spit
08. Picture Perfect
09. Fake Leather Jacket
10. For This I Sacrifice

James Hart - lead vocals (1995-2007, 2017-present)
Keith Barney - lead guitar, backing vocals (2000-2007, 2017-present)
Trevor Friedrich - drums, percussion (2004-2007, 2017-present)

Vydavatel: Rise Records