Yes - Rhythm Of Love (live video)

01. Orchestral arr. Perpetual Change (Rabin) / Cinema (Rabin/Kaye/Squire/White) / Perpetual Change (Anderson/Squire)
02. Hold On (Rabin/Anderson/Squire
03. I've Seen All Good People: (i) Your Move (ii) All Good People (Anderson/Squire)
04. Lift Me Up (Rabin/Squire)
05. And You & I (i) Cord Of Life (ii) Eclipse (iii) The Preacher, The Teacher (iv) Apocalypse (Anderson/Bruford/Howe/Squire
06. Rhythm Of Love (Rabin/Anderson/Kaye/Squire/White)
07. Heart Of The Sunrise (Anderson/Bruford/Squire)

(CD Disc 2)

08. Changes (Rabin/Anderson/White)
09. Long Distance Runaround (Anderson) / The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (Squire)
10. Orchestral Shade (Rabin) / Awaken (Anderson/Howe)
11. Make It Easy (Rabin) / Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Rabin/Anderson/Howe/Squire)
12. Roundabout (Anderson/Howe)

Jon Anderson (vocals, guitar, harp)
Trevor Rabin (guitar, vocals)
Rick Wakeman (keyboards)
Lee Pomeroy (bass)
Lou Molino III (drums)

Vydavatel: Eagle Vision