Zemřel Erik Lindmark - zakladatel Deeds Of Flesh a Unique Leader Records

Ve věku 46 let zemřel po sedmiměsíční bitvě na ALS Erik Raymond Lindmark, zpěvák/kytarista DEEDS OF FLESH a rovněž zakladatel a CEO labelu Unique Leader Records.

R.I.P. Erik

"The indelible mark he has left on the death metal genre is monumental, both as a businessman and as a musician. After building this label from scratch with his DEEDS bandmates, Erik took Unique Leader to a level he had never expected it, or the genre, to get to."

"During his time in hospital, Erik was absolutely implicit with his instructions to staff to go full steam ahead with the label in his absence — which is exactly what we intend to do. That being said, we will not be releasing anything in January so that we can make the necessary adjustments and delegations within the company."

"We would like to thank you all for your well wishes, support and kindness toward Erik on socials and via private correspondence.“

"There is a Gofundme set up for Erik's daughter Bella (5) and his wife."

"Rest in peace, Erik. You were a true warrior."

1. Amidst the Ruins 04:31
2. Entranced in Decades of Psychedelic Sleep 06:38
3. Rise of the Virvum Juggernaut 04:12
4. Celestial Serpents 05:36
5. Caelum Hirundines Terra / The Sky Swallows the Earth 01:47
6. Xeno-Virus 05:30
7. Hollow Human Husks 04:08
8. Portals to Canaan 04:35
9. Orphans of Sickness (Gorguts cover) 05:26
Stopáž 42:28

Erik Lindmark - Guitar/Vocals
Michael Hamilton - Drums
Ivan Munguia - Bass
Craig Peters - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Vydavatel: Unique Leader Records