Zemřel Erik Lindmark - zakladatel Deeds Of Flesh a Unique Leader Records

Ve věku 46 let zemřel po sedmiměsíční bitvě na ALS Erik Raymond Lindmark, zpěvák/kytarista DEEDS OF FLESH a rovněž zakladatel a CEO labelu Unique Leader Records.

R.I.P. Erik

"The indelible mark he has left on the death metal genre is monumental, both as a businessman and as a musician. After building this label from scratch with his DEEDS bandmates, Erik took Unique Leader to a level he had never expected it, or the genre, to get to."

"During his time in hospital, Erik was absolutely implicit with his instructions to staff to go full steam ahead with the label in his absence — which is exactly what we intend to do. That being said, we will not be releasing anything in January so that we can make the necessary adjustments and delegations within the company."

"We would like to thank you all for your well wishes, support and kindness toward Erik on socials and via private correspondence.“

"There is a Gofundme set up for Erik's daughter Bella (5) and his wife."

"Rest in peace, Erik. You were a true warrior."

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Mohu potvrdit Pavlova slova. Erik působil jako schopnej frajer a Deeds byla jedna z nej kapel. Ta zpráva je hrozná. Jako letitej fanda death metalu a tvrdím, že jsem osobně mluvi skorol s každým kromě Chucka Schuldinera. Při smrti Erika jsem se regulérně rozbrečel. Víte ono se to strašně blbě píše, ale kdysi po vydání splitka s Malignancy a psal Erik jestli nechceme být součástí Bloodlettingu. Nemám rád debilní chlubení, ale ten frajer věci poslouchal a snažil se jim pomoct. Ta zpráva je hrozná....A to poslední desku považuji za jejich vrchol. Říct, že jeho desky jsem poslouchal před maturitou a s první holkou někdy mezi osmnácti a sedmnácti může někomu znít komicky, ale ona je to pravda a to tu ví jenom Pavel. Ta zpráva je hrozná:(((( Děkuji za vše pane Lindmarku.Pětiletá holka? Já o něco málo mladší lidi fotil na Bizzovejch čtyřicetinách....tak krásný děti všichni mají. Nicméně Bring your children let me kill them. PS: Max. jsem vyfotil.Nicméně tohle nejdůležitější postava třetí/čtvrté death metalové školy....S.M.U.T.E.K.

Jacoby Kingston here. I don't use Facebook, so I am using my wife's account to write this. I met Erik in about 1990 or so. I first saw him playing with some band at a party in San Luis Obispo (I can't remember the name) but we was just playing guitar for the most part. Then the band played a song with Erik singing and his vocals sounded just like the guy from Kreator and I remember being shocked and wanting to meet him. I loved Kreator back then. He honestly looked like Thor, but with skinnier legs... He didn't believe in working out his legs back then, ha ha... A little later, Erik started his own band called Charlie Christ and I was in a band called THC (Terminal Human Combustion), yeah nerdy, I know. We were both playing some hybrid form of Speed Metal and thought we were content in our bands. One day, we ended up moving into this garage style storage unit place in Morro Bay for rehearsing and then played music next to each other for months, which started a friendship. I remember going over to his house and we would listen and discuss albums from Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse a few other bands and be like, "Man, these guys are sick! We should start a side project and just play really fast stuff." Erik said, "We can use your drummer Joey, he is fast." In our very first jam session together, we wrote "Three Minute Crawlspace" all the way through.... Then played it over and over and over. We knew right from the start that we had something special. We figured, "Well, we better come up with a name." I was reading some book and the words "Deeds of the Flesh" came jumping off the page at me. I said, "That's it! Deeds of the Flesh!" Erik kept insisting that we drop the "the" from the name, but I kept saying, "Dude, that's incorrect, people are going to think we are stupid or something!" Regardless, we ended up going with Erik's version "Deeds of Flesh". From there, we wrote the rest of our demo "Gradually Melted" and submitted it to Wild Rags Records in L.A... That was the very beginning of Deeds... From there we went on to write many other albums, countless songs, toured the Earth, started a record label, signed a bunch of really awesome bands (filled with really great friends) and made thousands of friends along the way. I am so sad today. I am sad because I wasn't there in the end. I haven't spoken to Erik in 10 years. Partly because he moved across the country, but I could have easily typed an email or picked up a dang phone. Erik was a private guy and a hermit for the most part, but once he got out in a crowd, he wasn't shy to shake everyone's hand, sign every autograph or talk music with anyone. He was also pretty quiet on stage and always made me do the crap talking. Since I was the loud mouth of the band, I guess it worked out in the end. In 2007, after our last show at The Pound in San Francisco, I got married and started a family. Married life was busy and motivating, so I left the metal world behind for the most part and concentrated on my girls. I know Erik soldiered on and wrote more music afterwards because that is what he loved, writing music. I have a thousand other stories about Erik, but remembering the beginning is best for now. For that is when we were the best of friends. To Erik, my brother in metal, I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye, you are in my prayers. Your family is in my prayers. You were a pioneer in Death Metal music and a great friend for so many years. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Tohle psali 19. srpna 2017 ·- Only need to finish up vocs and effects & the album is finished, finally!

doufam, ze tu desku dodelaj, i kdyz by vokaly nebyly od nej (nebo minimalne nedodelany). Erik byl legenda, naprosto stylotvurnej skladatel, jeden z nejvlivnejsich a nejosobitejsich co se dm tyce urcite. a zas ve veku tvl... petilety decko. no na spolecny koncerty, kdy jsem byl jeste v GT, nezapomenu, byl to takovej prijemnej tichej typek, pan profesor

To je teda zlej sen. A zrovna ALS, to je prostě v hajzlu... Další Deeds teda asi nebudou, i když je to už skoro hotový.

Pánové a dámy, klobouk dolů... Pro méně znalé, tohle byla jedna z naprosto nej person na poli BDM. Kurwa bez Erika bych poslouchal nejspíš nějaký vyměklý sračky! Reduced to Ashes!