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A Line of Deathless Kings

MY DYING BRIDE - A Line of Deathless Kings

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Aaron Stainthorpe Vocals
Andrew Craighan Guitars
Hamish Hamilton Glencross Guitars
Adrian "Ade" Jackson Bass
Sarah Stanton Keyboards

To Remain Tombless (06:09)
L'Amour détruit (09:07)
I Cannot Be Loved (07:03)
And I Walk With Them (06:36)
Thy Raven Wings (05:21)
Love's Intolerable Pain (06:14)
One of Beauty's Daughters (05:42)
Deeper Down (06:31)
The Blood, the Wine, the Roses (08:25)

Datum vydání: 09.říjen 2006

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DesignIllustration: Matthew Vickerstaff
Mix: Calvin Robertshaw, Mags
Producer: Mags
Instrument: Sarah Stanton, Adrian Jackson, Hamish Glencross, Andrew Craighan, John Bennett
Vocal: Aaron Stainthorpe

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My Dying Bride, doom metal