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The Feathers of Oblivion


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Olaf Olafsonn
The Queen of the Outer space
The Archduke of Neurosis
The Mathematician
The Dopefiend

Spring - released April 9, 2017
1. The Thaw: Shedding the Antlers of Winter 01:52
2. The Feathers: The Birds Return 05:07
3. The Morning Frost: The Howling of the Sylphids 04:28
4. The Cycle: Night at the Graveyard of the Ancestors 09:20

Summer - released July 13, 2017
1. The Sun: Dawn at the Graveyard of the Ancestors 05:00
2. The Journey: Cold Waters of the Wild Stream 02:02
3. The Forest: Reanimation of the Young Goddess of Summer 07:22
4. The Harvest: Sacred Unity of Heaven and Earth 06:36

Autumn - released October 15, 2017
1. The Rain: Chewing on the Branches of the Tree of Insight 05:19
2. The Decay: The Canopy of Stone Cracks Open 04:24
3. The Mire: Death on the Forest Floor 06:59
4. The Festival: The Taste of Blood from Human Sacrifice 06:52

Winter - released January 23, 2018
1. The Dark: The Longest Night in the Valley 03:49
2. The Snow: The Serenity of White Fields 05:03
3. The Blizzard: Howling Winds and Crystals of Ice 04:08
4. The Waiting, Part I: The Icy Crown of the She-Lich 03:20
5. The Waiting, Part II: A Frozen Scythe for the Hopes of Spring 04:06

Datum vydání: 01.červen 2018

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Feathers of Oblivion is a concept album - four sides of an LP. Each part is recorded outside among the ruins of an old church in central Bohemia. The autumn was recorded during the Autumn Equinox and it reflects the weather and all the sounds participant during the recording.

Mix and mastering by Ben Etchells
Recorded by Gates of Hell
Produced by Olaf Olafsonn
Cover art by Aneta Irma Lammrova