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black metal, doom metal, drone, sludge metal


2007, Zomergem, East Flanders

Současný label:

Babylon Doom Cult Records


Nieke - Drums
Pui - Guitars
Pede - Vocals
QW - Bass


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Alkerdeel spits out droney black doom metal with blown out practice space production, grinding guitars, blasting distorted drums, filthy super sick vocals, with bursts of sludge and stretches of loping minimal.

The band was originally raised as a three piece garage jam project (only guitar, drum and voice, no bass) in 2007, to satisfy a hunger for filthy and lousy music. All sessions were partly improvised and recorded on a tapedeck. Blesken, of Sylvester Anfang fame, got his hands on one of the recordings, recognized its rough value, baptised the bastard as 'Luizig' (lousy) and released the tape on a ridiculously yet logic amount of 66 tapes through his label, Funeral Folk. Ofcourse it sold out in no time and even before the thought of a re-release, Al from Scotland's At War With False Noise offered to give 'Luizig' a proper cd-release through his label. A repress followed shortly after due to increasing demand. By the time the band started to play live sporadically and on the brink of writing new songs, long time friend QW joined on bass.