A Prayer For The Loud

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A Prayer For The Loud Sestava
Jesper Binzer - Vocals, Guitar
Stig Pedersen - Bass, Vocals
Jacob Binzer - Guitar
Laust Sonne - Drums

01. Burning Star
02. A Prayer For The Loud
03. Nothing Ever Changes
04. The Sky Is Made Of Blues
05. The Real Me
06. No Doubt About It
07. A Drug For The Heart
08. Musical Chairs
09. Time Is A Train
10. Happy Days In Hell
11. If The World Just

Datum vydání: 31.květen 2019

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produced by Nick Foss and Rune Nissen Petersen at Grapehouse studio (Copenhagen)

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A Prayer For The Loud, D-A-D, rock, hard rock, heavy metal