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The Scrape of a Keel (Drones and Improvisations)

EHNAHRE - The Scrape of a Keel (Drones and Improvisations)

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Ryan McGuire - Bass, Vocals
Richard Chowenhill - Guitars
Jared Redmond - Piano
Joshua Carro - Percussion

1. Colossus 10:50
2. The Birds Have Vanished 6:40
3. I Gave Up Before Birth Pt. 1 7:30
4. I Gave Up Before Birth Pt. 2 8:26
5. It Is a Light That Goes Out in My Mouth 11:24

Datum vydání: 03.červenec 2020

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Recorded in February 2019 in Davis, California. It was recorded live and is entirely improvised.

The lyrical content is adapted from "Fizzle #4" by Samuel Beckett, "De Profundis" by Georg Trakl and "Colossus" by Sylvia Plath.

Engineered by Richard Chowenhill and Joshua Carro with the help of Stephen Bingen
Mixing and post-production by Joshua Carro and Richard Chowenhill
Mastered by Richard Chowenhill
Published by Painted Throat Music