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Forgotten Silence


experimental, progressive metal, avantgarde


1993, Rosice

Současný label:

Shindy Productions


Krusty - Bass, Vocals, Percussion (Sax)
Medvěd (Pavel Urbánek) - Guitar (Sax)
Marty - Keyboards
Cepa - Drums
Hyenik - Guitar (ex-Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Paladran, Symfonická


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Forgotten Silence


Bya Bamahe Neem

Bya Bamahe Neem

neuvedeno, 2004
Ka Ba Ach

Ka Ba Ach

neuvedeno, 2001


neuvedeno, 1996


FORGOTTEN SILENCE is an avantgarde extreme metal / progresive rock band hailing from the Czech Republic that was founded in 1994. In the years that followed the band produced 2 full length albums, "Thots" from 1996 and "Senyaan" from 1998. In 2000 followed "KaBaAch", an album which finds its inspiration in ancient Egyptian culture and mythology.
Not only is the Egyptian concept featured in the lyrics, but also in many of the musical elements of the FORGOTTEN SILENCE sound. Take for instance the female vocals of Hana Nogolová, which have a very eastern feeling about them. The drums contribute to the oriental presentation as well, but mostly as backup during the slower distorted or acoustic parts of "Ka Ba Ach".

The clearest Egyptian themes are in the use of oriental instruments, and of course the guitars. Especially the acoustic sections have a very eastern feeling, but also progress to more Jazz-like musical structures. The distorted riffs however lack a certain part of this Egyptian atmosphere, although sometimes they do carry on the spirit of the acoustics. What works both as a negative and positive element is the use of grunts during the songs: on one hand it adds to the diversity, on the other hand it makes the identity of FORGOTTEN SILENCE very two-faced. When the electric guitars lack the oriental spirit, and the grunts do as well, then it's a rather big step to go from a Death Metal section to a very eastern-sounding passage all of a sudden.

Independent label Epidemie has released their experimental oriental-ambient-sounding alike album "BYA BAMAHE NEEM" as well as their debut recording from 1994 "THE NAMELESS FOREVER... (remastered demo)" - both includes interactive CD-section.

Their "Kro Ni Ka" album was released in 2006. Its sound is more into prog rock/metal veins. Released as classical jewel-box and luxurious digipak.

Digipak version of "THOTS (remastered edition)" is out right now - throughout Obscene Prod.

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