The Rise of Brutality

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The Rise of Brutality Sestava
Jamey Jasta - vocals, Package Concept
Sean Martin - Guitar
Chris Beattie - Bass guitar
Matt Byrne - drums

Tear It Down (01:48)
Straight to Your Face (02:17)
Facing What Consumes You (03:29)
Live for This (02:50)
Doomsayer (03:23)
Another Day Another Vendetta (03:04)
A Lesson Lived Is a Lesson Learned (02:04)
Beholder of Justice (02:44)
This Is Now (03:37)
Voice of Contention (02:28)
Choose or Be Chosen (01:39)
Confide in No One (02:39)

Celkový čas 31:58

Datum vydání: 28.říjen 2003

Lidi okolo
George Marino - Mastering
Philip Caivano - Assistant, Guitar Technician
Michael Sullivan - Studio Production Coordinator
Zeuss - Producer, Engineer
Rob Gil - Digital Editing, Assistant
Misha Rajaratnam - Assistant
Sinji Suzuki - A&R
Michael "Sully DaBull" Sullivan - Studio Production Coordinator
Steve Richards - Executive Producer
Michael Fraser - Mixing

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metalcore, Hatebreed, hardcore, metal