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In Vain


progressive black metal, progressive death metal


2003, Kristiansand

Současný label:

Indie Recordings


Johnar Haaland - Guitars (2003-present)
Sindre Nedland - Organ, Piano, Additional Vocals (2003-present)
Andreas Frigstad - Vocals (2003-present)
Stig Reinhardtsen - Drums (2005-present)
Kristian Wikstøl - Bass, Additional Vocals (2006-present)
Kjetil D. Pedersen - Guitars (2010-present)


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In Vain



In Vain is a progressive death metal band from Kristiansand, Norway.

Formed by three young music enthusiasts back in 2003, the band has already released two highly critically acclaimed self financed EP’s; Will the Sun Ever Rise and Wounds. Will the Sun Ever Rise(2004), a three-track EP of unrelenting atmosphere, aggression and complexity. The EP was embraced by metal heads and journalists alike. Fuelled by the standing ovations and the great response from a united metal press, the band was soon back in the studio to record yet another, entitled Wounds.

Wounds was released December 2005. The music was more diverse, progressive and dramatic than ever, without sacrificing the brutal edge of its predecessor. Already at this point in the band’s recording career the strong musical craftsmanship is obvious with guest musicians playing saxophone, cello and percussion. Just like their debut EP, Wounds received fantastic reviews and the band was launched as one of the most promising acts in the extreme metal scene.

Their first full-length album, The Latter Rain, was recorded in DUB Studio (Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne & Chain Collector) in the summer/fall of 2006. The recording was a huge project involving close to 20 guest musicians and several guest vocalists such as legendary Jan K. Transeth (In the Woods...) and Kjetil Nordhus (Green Carnation, Trail of Tears). Although the band kept the same vibe as on the two previous recordings the music was taken a step further, in every direction.

The highly anticipated full length debut from Norwegian newcomers In Vain, offers a vastly creative addition to the extreme metal canon which will erase their unknown status for good. Imagine a complex extreme metal giant with imposing technical progressive parts. Ravaged by striking black metal passages diving into an ocean of melancholy and loss. Great song writing and enchanting melodies, all spiced up by the bands' Norwegian cultural heritage. Bands like Opeth, Solefald and In the Woods... are often mentioned when describing their music.

In March/April 2007 In Vain joined forces with Battered and supported Vreid on the "Northern Brigade Tour" (UK, Belguim, The Netherlands and Germany). The band made their live debut at a metal festival in Antwerpen.

In Vain will definitely make a huge impact on this year’s metal scene. Don’t miss out on this ground braking debut album...

J. Haaland - Guitars & Sounds
A. Frigstad - Main vocals
S. Nedland - Clean vocals, piano, organs, bgv vocals
E. Fuglestad - Guitars
S. Reinhardtsen - Drums
K. Wikstøl - Bass & Hardcore vocals

2004 - Will The Sun Ever Rise (EP)
2005 - Wounds (EP)
2007 - The Latter Rain (LP)

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