Run With The Pack

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Run With The Pack Sestava
Issa Oversveen - vocals
Simone Mularoni - guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards
Andrea "ToWer" Torricini - bass
Marco Di Salvia - drums

Deen Castronovo (REVOLUTION SAINTS, THE DEAD DAISIES, ex-JOURNEY) - vocals on "Sacrifice Me"

01. Am I Losin' You
02. Run With The Pack
03. Sacrifice Me
04. How Long
05. The Sound Of Yesterday
06. Come Back Again
07. Talk To Your Heart
08. Bittersweet
09. Closer To You
10. Irreplaceable
11. Everything To Me

Datum vydání: 20.duben 2018

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Run With The Pack, Issa, classic melodic rock, AOR