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Monarch of Dark Matter

PALUS SOMNI - Monarch of Dark Matter

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Stroda - Guitars, Bass, Synth
Eoghan - Drums
Imber - Vocals

1. Monarch of Dark Matter 04:02
2. Igneus Solis 3:56
3. The Dark Maria 04:50
4. Sidus Ludoviciana 04:59
5. Calliginous Stellar Womb 03:43
6. Unholy Cosmic Quintessence 05:13
7. Chained to the North Star 03:49
8. Iron Empyreal Rain 06:07
9. Frozen Moon Chaos 05:08
Total: 41:52

Datum vydání: 28.květen 2021

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The album has been recorded by the own members and the final mastering has been done at The Empty Hall Studio by Simón A. (Aversio Humanitatis)

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Palus Somni, Monarch of Dark Matter, Decoherence, Akhlys, BlackSeed Productions, black metal

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