Trust In Rust

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Trust In Rust Sestava
Inga Scharf – female lead vocals (2006–present)
Ross Thompson – higher guitar vocals (2006–present)
Stefan Schmidt – lower guitar vocals, solo guitar vocals, vocals with distortion effects (2006–present)
Ingo "Ike" Sterzinger – bass vocals (full time member: 2006–2015, studio and selected concerts: 2017-present)
Bastian Emig – drums (2007–present)
Jan Moritz – bass vocals (2015–present)
Hagen "Hagel" Hirschmann – male lead vocals (2017–present)

Kai Hansen

01. Back In The Lead
02. Javelin
03. Trust In Rust
04. Ride The Sky (feat. Kai Hansen)
05. Melody
06. Neverland
07. Desert Snake
08. Darkest Days
09. Infinity
10. Hells Bells
11. Heading Home

CD 2: Best Of - Orchestral Versions (available in the digipack)

01. The Mission (Orchestral Version)
02. Rain (Orchestral Version)
03. Hero (Orchestral Version)
04. Take To The Sky (Orchestral Version)
05. Water Fire Heaven Earth (Orchestral Version)
06. My Voice (Orchestral Version)
07. If I Die In Battle (Orchestral Version)
08. The Higher Flight (Orchestral Version)
09. Unholy (Orchestral Version)
10. The Other Ones (Orchestral Version)

Datum vydání: 10.srpen 2018

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Van Canto, a cappella, power metal, Trust In Rust