Nové skladby Children Of Bodom, Daughter Chaos a Moodie Black

MOODIE BLACK - (MB III, 15/02/19, Atypeek Music)

♫ Z prachu Armageddon, skupiny, kterou šéfoval Christopher Amott, povstal nový projekt DAUGHTER CHAOS: Antony Hämäläinen (Armageddon, Nordjärvi, Nightrage) - vocals, Joey Concepcion (Armageddon, Arch Enemy, Jasta, The Absence) - guitar, Sara Claudius (Armageddon, The Obsessed) - bass, Andrew Pevny (Armageddon, Framework) - guitar a Yanni Sofianos (Obsession) - drums. Poslechnout si můžete první singl Intergalactic.

CHILDREN OF BODOM - This Road (lyric video) (Hexed, 08/03/19, Nuclear Blast Records)

01. The Road
02. Under Grass And Clover
03. Glass Houses
04. Hecate's Nightmare
05. Kick In The Spleen
06. Platitudes And Barren Words
07. Hexed
08. Relapse (The Nature Of My Crime)
09. Say Never Look Back
10. Soon Departed
11. Knuckleduster
12. I Worship Chaos (live)
13. Morrigan (live)
14. Knuckleduster (remix)

Alexi Laiho – lead vocals, lead guitar (1993–present), bass (1993-1994, 1995–1996), keyboards (1993-1996)
Jaska Raatikainen – drums (1993–present), keyboards (1993-1996)
Henkka T. Blacksmith – bass, backing vocals (1996–present)
Janne Wirman – keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals (1997–present)
Daniel Freyberg – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2016–present)

Vydavatel: Nuclear Blast Records