Nové skladby Crematory, Impending Doom a Pennywise

CREMATORY - Cemetary Stillness (lyric video) (Oblivion, 13/04/18, Steamhammer/SPV)

IMPENDING DOOM - The Wretched And Godless (The Sin And Doom Vol. II, 22/06/18, Entertainment One)

PENNYWISE - Won't Give Up The Fight (Never Gonna Die, 20/04/18, Epitaph)

01. Never Gonna Die
02. American Lies
03. Keep Moving On
04. Live While You Can
05. We Set Fire
06. She Said
07. Can't Be Ignored
08. Goodbye Bad Times
09. A Little Hope
10. Won't Give Up The Fight
11. Can't Save You Now
12. All The Ways U Can Die
13. Listen
14. Something New

Jim Lindberg – lead vocals (1988–2009, 2012–present)
Fletcher Dragge – guitar, backing vocals (1988–present)
Randy Bradbury – bass, backing vocals (1992, 1996–present)
Byron McMackin – drums, backing vocals (1988–present)

Vydavatel: Epitaph Records