Nové skladby Nonexist, The Devil Wears Prada a Queensrÿche

NONEXIST - Throne Of Scars (účinkuje ex-Arch Enemy Johan Liiva) (Throne Of Scars, 09/10, Mighty Music)

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - Alien (Space, 21/08, Rise Records)

QUEENSRŸCHE - Arrow Of Time (Condition Hüman, 02/10, Century Media)

01. Arrow Of Time
02. Guardian
03. Hellfire
04. Toxic Remedy
05. Selfish Lives
06. Eye9
07. Bulletproof
08. Hourglass
09. Just Us
10. All There Was
11. The Aftermath
12. Condition Hüman

Todd La Torre – lead vocals (2012–present)
Michael Wilton – guitar, backing vocals (1982–present)
Parker Lundgren – guitar, backing vocals (2009–present)
Eddie Jackson – bass, backing vocals (1982–present)
Scott Rockenfield – drums, percussion, keyboard, orchestration (1982–present)

Vydavatel: Century Media Records