Nové skladby Papa Roach, Queensrÿche a živá Apocalyptica

APOCALYPTICA si zavzpomíná na 20 let starý debut a vydají jej 07/12/18 živě - Apocalyptica Plays Metallica by Four Cellos - A Live Performance.

QUEENSRŸCHE - Man The Machine (The Verdict, 01/03/19, Century Media Records)

PAPA ROACH - Not The Only One (Who Do You Trust?, 18/01/19, Eleven Seven Music)

01. The Ending
02. Renegade Music
03. Not The Only One
04. Who Do You Trust?
05. Elevate
06. Come Around
07. Feel Like Home
08. Problems
09. Top Of The World
10. I Suffer Well
11. Maniac
12. Better Than Life

Jacoby Shaddix – lead vocals (1993–present)
Jerry Horton – lead guitar, backing vocals (1993–present)
Tobin Esperance – bass, programming, backing vocals (1996–present)
Tony Palermo – drums (2007–present)

Vydavatel: Eleven Seven Music