Trivium - Beyond Oblivion (video)

režie: John Deed

01. The Sin And The Sentence
02. Beyond Oblivion
03. Other Worlds
04. The Heart From Your Hate
05. Betrayer
06. The Wretchedness Inside
07. Endless Night
08. Sever The Hand
09. Beauty In The Sorrow
10. The Revanchist
11. Thrown Into The Fire

Matt Heafy – lead vocals (2000–present), rhythm guitar (2001–present), lead guitar (1999-2003)
Corey Beaulieu – lead guitar, unclean backing vocals (2003–present)
Paolo Gregoletto – bass, clean backing vocals (2004–present)
Alex Bent – drums, percussion (2016–present)

Vydavatel: Roadrunner Records